Wondering where to find a harp?  The following business carry or can order harps, and from time to time we will have harps available for sale from our society members.  Note that several of the Montana harp dealers offer rent-to-own options and free shipping.  Keep checking back for new items! 

Montana Harp Dealers

Morgenroth Music Center - (800) 462-0013 http://www.montanamusic.com/contact.php

(Rent-to-own options available!)

Montana Harps for Sale

To view local harps for sale, check out our Montana Harps for Sale page!

Harp Lead Sheet Music

To download copyright-free lead sheet music of excellent harp tunes, visit our Harp Sheet Music page!  Print them off to create a binder of music so we can all play together.

You can also find free harp music at Making Music Fun.

CDs, Books, and More by  Montana Harp Players! 

Aura of the Celtic Harp CD by Laura Welker - www.laurawelker.com/website2011_003.htm

Aura of the Celtic Harp Sheet Music Book by Laura Welker - www.laurawelker.com/website2011_004.htm

Helpful Harp Links

Southeastern Harps sends out great e-newsletters with helpful harping tips. Subscribe to their mailing list here.

National Harp Makers 

Camac Harpswww.camac-harps.com/camac-harps-eng/accueil.html

Dusty Strings Cowww.dustystrings.com

Enchanted Harphttp://enchantedharp.com

Harp Mall - www.harpmall.com

Harps Unlimited Internationalhttp://harps-international.com/

Harpsicles http://harpsicleharps.com

Heartland Harpswww.heartlandharps.com

Larry Fisher Harpswww.fisherharps.com

Lyon & Healywww.lyonhealy.com

Marini Made Harps www.marinimadeharps.com

Musicmakers www.harpkit.com

Planet Harp/www.planetharp.com

Rees Harpswww.traditionalharps.com

Salvi Harpswww.salviharpsinc.com

Sligo Harpswww.sligoharps.com/

Stoney End Harpswww.stoneyend.com

Steen Harpswww.steenharps.com

Thormahlen Harpswww.thorharp.com

Triplett Harpswww.triplettharps.com

The International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen 

Become a member to join a world-wide community of harp players!  


You also get all issues of their superb, full-color magazine which includes useful articles on your instrument, playing techniques, setting up a business, sheet music, events and festivals, advertisements and more!


Puget Sound Folk Harp Society

The Puget Sound Folk Harp Society is a very active harpers society in the Seattle area, with many workshops, retreats, and resources for the harp. Find out what our neighbors to the west are doing and join them if you can!

Harp Kits, Accessories, and Information 

Harp Columnwww.harpcolumn.com/ 

Harps Etc.www.harpsetc.com

The Harp Connectionwww.harpconnection.com

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsment (ISFHC) - www.folkharpsociety.org

Musicmakers www.harpkit.com

Planet Harp - www.planetharp.com

Stoney End Harp Kits and Resources www.stoneyend.com/resources.php

Sylvia Woods Harp Centerwww.harpcenter.com

Harp Lighting Kits

Never be left in the dark again! A Harp Light adds a magical ambiance to your presentation.
The harp light illuminates strings and hands and even your music! Audiences will be charmed by the glow of your harp as they watch your hands flow under the Harp Light.

Kit includes:
- LED light strip
- Rechargeable battery pack
- Battery pack wall charger
- Dimmer switch
- Cord to plug the harp right into the wall if you don't want to use the battery.
- Felt cover for cords so they don't buzz inside
- Velcro to attach battery pack and dimmer switch inside harp
- Attractive cover for cord so you can run it around the top of the harp from the light into the back of the harp. This is an external application. No need to drill a hole in your harp!
Cost of the kit is $99.95 plus shipping. Easy installation instructions included. Email Janice at jkmineer[at]yahoo[dot]com. Made in Montana!

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