Below are harps that are for sale in Montana.  Save yourself shipping fees and support a Montana harp player!  If contact information is not listed for the seller, shoot us an email and we will get you contact information.  And if you have a harp for sale, send us a detailed description, a photo, and your asking price, and we will get it listed for you!

Triplet Christina - Billings, MT

25 Strings: low C to F

Walnut finish with Camac levers

7 lbs, 34"

Restrung in 2016

In addition to a Purple Padded Case and Tuning Wrench it also comes with:

Walnut Stand, Lap Bar, Le Stic, Harp Strap and a full set of Strings.

It's a wonderful lap harp with a beautiful sound.

You can hear it on Triplett's website:

Price: $1400

Please contact Cathleen Kuras at four-o-six, five-nine-one, twenty-four-twenty-eight or cakuras9[at]gmail[dot]com

Rob Charles Goodwin Harp

39 string extended-sound board lever harp.  

It's incredible sound is only matched by the beauty and durability of its sacred-geometry-based construction by Seattle area harpist/engineer Rob Charles Goodwin. The neck is maple laminations, the column is solid maple, the soundboard is aircraft birch, the body is hard maple/birch laminations, Camac levers — all in perfect condition. The action is strong, sensitive and even and this harp has to be heard to be believed - highs, lows, mid-range are all resonantly clear, sweet and stunning and it holds tune like no harp I've ever seen.

It comes with padded case and hand-carved wooden music stand and I've dropped the price to $3900 firm.  cate[at]catemontana[dot]com

Camac Athena  

Concert grand 47 string, mahogany, with extended soundboard, very nice protective custom case, red velvet cover

Can also purchase dolly ($50), padded transport board($50), hinged wood/leather stool ($50), wood shipping case ($500)

This is a wonderful harp with a rich, elegant sound, and is in beautiful shape. It has a rich mahogany finish with gold leaf detail on the extended soundboard. We just spent a goodly sum to have it regulated, and the wires changed.  It is a gem! I contacted Camac harps in France, and they recommended a resale price according to the serial number. ($15,900  serial no. F-139)

Cherry Triplett Harp, 34 strings

Theresa in Missoula is selling a 52 inch Cherry Triplett Celtic Harp with 34 nylon and composite strings with C up to A range. The harp comes with a full set of slip style Loveland sharping levers and styled claw feet. Accessories include a tuner, full set of extra strings, and custom soft case.

 Asking price for everything is $2,500, but open to offers (no trades please).  Contact Theresa at tjohnsonx1[at]msn[dot]com or 880-2530.

Thormahlin Cygnet 36 with Full Levers

Karen in Vancouver, WA is selling her Thormahlin Cygnet 36 string lever harp. This harp is walnut with spruce soundboard, was made in 2011 (mint condition, played very little), and includes a K&K internal pickup for amplification. Karen is asking $4,850 (original price was $6,300 including custom features.) Price is somewhat negotiable. Contact Karen at himsworth[dot]andrew[at]comcast[dot]net, five four one, four one zero, three three seven three.

Electric Hip Harp

Red with black stand, 41"tall, 31 strings, red with black detachable base, shoulder strap, case with shoulder strap, can throw in a speaker if needed. This is great as an inexpensive lever harp, or for the beginner or intermediate student to perform with in a different way. The Electric Hip Harp is a great option if you aren't ready to purchase an expensive bigger harp, or want a fun "toy".  

This harp extends two octaves below middle C and weighs no more than an electric guitar - just 10 pounds. It can be played, on the detachable stand (included), as a floor harp; played, without the stand, as a lap harp, or for a maximum mobility you can use a strap and play it standing.

It can be played acoustically like any other harp but, when needed it can be played through an amplifier either using a plug-in cable or a wireless transmitter.  ($800)

Voyaguer 33 with Full Levers

Melissa in Bozeman is selling her daughter's 33 string Voyager Harp (by Musicmakers). It is a perfect intermediate harp in great shape (her daughter no longer plays), and it sounds really good on stage for the size that it is. This harp comes with a case and tuner and a whole extra set of strings. $1,400.

Call Melissa at five seven nine, twenty fifty-two or email Melissa at melannhaley[at] 

Lyon & Healy 14 Pedal Harp

Janna in Bozeman is selling her Lyon & Healy 14 pedal harp, made in 1952 or 1953. This harp has 43 strings (7E-1E), the crown/upper column and base are bronzed, and she has a dust cover and tuning key to send with it. It's a great gigging harp that's light enough to carry and fits easily into the back of a Subaru, but full-featured with a beautiful sound for orchestral work, weddings, or just personal enjoyment. for $10,000 OBO. Contact Janna at urschelj[at]gmail[dot]com.

Triplett R30 With C and F Levers

Morgenroths in Missoula has a Triplett R-30 with C and F levers on consignment. This 30-string harp is available for sale at $1,295. While this model is no longer produced, you can find more about Triplett harps (which are considered very good quality) here. Contact information for Morgenroths can be found here. 

Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 With Full Levers

Morgenroths in Missoula has a Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 with a full set of Loveland levers. Morgenroths is the only Dusty Strings dealer in Montana, and they are offering this brand new harp for rent-to-own (around $50/month) or for sale at $1,295. Ravennas makes a great student or travel harp! For more information on the harp's features, click here. Contact information for Morgenroths can be found here.

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